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'Morning Joe' Hints Congressional Republicans May Finally Be Turning on Trump

"I do wish that he would spend more time in Washington, D.C."

Photo Credit: MSNBC / YouTube

Donald Trump will likely cap his first hundred days in office with a record-low approval rating and no major accomplishments to speak of. As the cast of "Morning Joe" reveals, Republicans are losing patience with his presidency by the day.

"At one event yesterday Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma called on the president to release his tax returns," Mika Brzezinski observed Wednesday. "Lankford told voters that Mr. Trump 'promised he would and that he should keep his promise.'" 

While this may sound simple, "there's an amazingly low bar that Republicans have for their president about the promises that he's made," she noted.

President Trump's approval ratings range from 50 percent in right-leaning polls like Rasmussen to 41 and 39 percent in Gallup and Marist respectively. While the military strike in Syria gave him a small bump, even the sunniest projections looks pretty dismal in comparison to other presidents four months into office.

"Fellow Republican senator Joni Ernst of Iowa went even further in her criticisms while answering questions on President Trump's policies and even his character," continued Brzezinski. Like Lankford, Ernst believes Trump should release his tax returns. 

"With the trips to Florida, I do wish that he would spend more time in Washington, D.C.," she told town hall constituents.

Ernst also expressed skepticism about Trump's "Buy American, Hire American" plan. 

"I would love to see that, and you know maybe [Trump] puts his money where his mouth is and brings some of those jobs here," Ernst quipped. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to April of 2017," an exasperated Joe Scarborough added.


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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