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Monsanto Ordered to Pay Massive Financial Damages to Groundskeeper Who Said Roundup Gave Him Deadly Cancer

A jury sided with the groundskeeper over the massive agriculture giant.

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

Monsanto has been ordered by a San Francisco jury to pay Dewayne Johnson a total of nearly $329 million in damages after he claimed in court that the company's product, Roundup, gave him cancer, NBC News reported.

Johnson, 42, worked as a groundskeeper and used Roundup, an herbicide, along with Ranger Pro, another Monsanto product, according to the report. He now has lymphoma, which many believe is caused by exposure to Roundup.

Monsanto has denied the Roundup causes cancer, but the jury, it seems, disagreed.

NBC News notes that this particular ruling does not have any direct effect on the other Roundup cases making their way through the courts. 

“Today the jury confirmed what we have known since our investigation began — that Monsanto knew Roundup contained cancer-causing ingredients and failed to take this product off the shelf and protect consumers," said Micah Dortch of the Potts Law Firm, according to USA Today. "The company chose corporate profit and greed above humanity.” 

Dortch was not directly involved in the case decided Friday, but his law firm represents more than a 100 client making related claims.

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