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'Mean and Clueless': Conservative Jennifer Rubin Blames Trump for Making the GOP 'Cruel'

"It is what comes of insisting that a president’s character doesn’t matter."

Photo Credit: Office of the President of the United States

In its rhetoric and in its policies, the modern GOP has clearly become more bumbling, mean, and cruel in recent years. It's obvious that the biggest change to the party in this time is the rise of President Donald Trump — and as conservative writer Jennifer Rubin argued in a new Washington Post column, it's clear the tone at the top of the White House has seeped down through the party ranks.

"The president’s paranoia, secrecy and contempt for democracy course through the West Wing, spurring those in its offices to behave in bizarre ways that betray their lack of sophistication, common sense and self-awareness," Rubin wrote.

For example, she notes that the White House frequently has staffers sign non-disclosure agreements when they leave — which is potentially unconstitutional — and then attacks the staff after they leave White House and reveal its dysfunction. The drama surrounding the firing of Omaraosa Manigault-Newman is only the latest chapter in this ongoing saga.

But as Rubin noted, Manigault-Newman's departure leaves few if any African-Americans employed in the West Wing. When White Hosue counselor Kellyanne Conway was asked in a recent interview, she couldn't name a single black staffer serving in the White House. 

"Again, being out of touch with people who look different from them and who see things differently leaves the White House’s spinners uniquely disadvantaged when they are challenged about their self-segregation," she wrote. "Trump’s demand for total loyalty and the West Wing’s near-total homogeneity mean that the White House will constantly be caught by surprise when those outside Trump’s white orbit perceive his actions as cruel, racist, mean-spirited or just plain clueless."

She continued: "Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), appearing on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, correctly identified a key problem for Republicans — they have become cloistered in their own world of white grievance. Claiming victimhood, they become more bitter and resentful by the day."

This degradation occurred, Rubin argues, for one core reason: Republicans decided winning was worth supporting a man with a deeply corrupt character like Trump. His intrinsic cruelty and racist animus have been central characteristics of his on display for decades, and they are now fully owned and paid for by the GOP.

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Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.