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Man Shares Video Evidence After Saying Same NYC Lawyer Who Launched a Racist Attack in Cafe Verbally Assaulted Him Too

The deranged Trump supporter appears to have a history of terrorizing minorities.

A man who allegedly is a New York City attorney and was captured on video in a vile rant attacking restaurant workers for speaking in Spanish – then threatening to call ICE to have them deported – was also filmed verbally attacking Jews in a street protest. But that's not all.

Willie Morris says he believes Aaron Schlossberg – the midtown Manhattan lawyer who allegedly also claims that the Spanish-speaking workers are on welfare and he is paying to support them – attacked him on Fifth Avenue in October of 2016. And he was able to film it (video at the bottom.)


As many across America saw in the viral video Wednesday, the man who reportedly is Aaron Schlossberg (NCRM has not independently verified his identity, although it has been widely reported) went ballistic when he heard several workers speaking Spanish in a New York City deli. He's been called a "die hard Trumper" by one journalist who filmed him attacking Jewish people on the street, giving them the finger, and appearing "pretty unreasonably upset there were Jews supporting Palestine."

At least seven of his classmates, according to The Intercept's Shaun King, verified his identity and said they weren't surprised.

Willie Morris filmed the attack, and even produced a mock re-enactment in a home video he posted to YouTube nearly two years ago.

He's updated the title to: "assaulted on the sidewalks of NYC by Aaron Schlossberg."

In the video he says "some lunatic on the street literally assaulted me," and describes how Schlossberg shoved his briefcase into him.

"And then he just starts cussing at me."

Morris then runs the actual video.

In it, the man he now says is Schlossberg, asks him, "What country are you from?"

"I'm going to call the police," he says, as he dials his cell phone. "You don't just run in to people. I'm a citizen here – you're not."

"You're an ugly f***ing foreigner. So f*** you," the man, allegedly Schlossberg, says. He then tries to take a photo of Morris.

Morris on his video says he was so dumbfounded that he was thinking it was a practical joke. But he tries to make light of the attack, noting that he's from Massachusetts, and holds up his passport to prove he's a U.S. citizen.

Which, no one in the country should have to do to be treated like a human being.

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