'Magical Thinking of the Trump Cult': Former GOP Strategist Singles Out Core Truth of the Deluded Republican Party

Former Republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt called President Donald Trump's supporters a "cult" during a Tuesday MSNBC appearance.

Schmidt said Trump has convinced people he has a popular mandate that doesn't actually exist.

"He has performed some level of Jedi mind trick. Here's the deal — he lost by 3 million votes [...] He is weaker," Schmidt said. "The majority of the country opposes this. It is only through the magical thinking of the Trump cult that there is any capacity to believe that a majority supports it. It does not."

Then Schmidt offered advice for the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

"What Democrats have to talk about is the vast corruption of this administration, the personal corruption of Donald Trump and the people around him, the kind of moral corruption, and the fact that the Republicans in Congress will do nothing to slow him down."

Watch the clip below.

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