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Maddow Explains ‘Centerpiece’ of GOP Strategy to Defend Trump from Russia Probe

As usual, the president's plan is dirty.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow explained on Tuesday that recent actions by Congress and the White House have revealed Republicans’ defense strategy for attempting to save President Donald Trump from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“Now tonight, there is some breaking news from The Washington Post, the White House right now is deciding whether or not to allow the release of a classified memo prepared by Democrats on the Intelligence Committee basically to rebut a classified memo the White House released last week from Trump-supporting Republicans in Congress,” Maddow said.

“That Republican memo, released on Friday, it did not go off like the bomb they hoped and promised it would, but it did make clear that what the White House and congressional Republicans think is their best shot at derailing the Russia investigation, derailing Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation,” Maddow noted.

“They think their best shot at it is to try to tarnish the FBI’s whole investigation of the Russia attack, to tarnish the whole counterintelligence and criminal investigation of the Trump campaign for its potential cooperation in that attack, they want to tarnish that investigation, discredit it, and thereby try to make it go away, by trying to claim that the whole FBI investigation was based on information given to the FBI by this guy, Christopher Steele, the former lead agent on Russia matters for MI6 in Britain,” Maddow continued.

“Attacking him really appears to be the centerpiece, if not the whole game plan, for what is now a Republican full-court press to try to save this presidency and stop the investigation into him that has already brought — resulted in two guilty pleas and multiple felony charges against two Trump campaign officials,” Maddow explained.


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