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Lindsey Graham Says Trump Is Obsessing About the Russia Probe — Suggesting He May Still Fire Robert Mueller

Graham recently went golfing with the president — and he got an earful.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) revealed at a Greenville County Republican Party event that President Donald Trump wouldn't stop pestering him about special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation while the pair went golfing over the weekend, according to a new report from Roll Call.

"He must have mentioned that about 20 times,” Graham told the audience.

According to the report, Graham's response was a "quip," implying he treated the issue lightly.


He said that he urged the president to let Mueller continue his work, arguing that ending the investigation would only hurt Republicans in the midterm elections. Graham also told Trump that he will be treated fairly and said that he doesn't think the president colluded with the Russians — despite the fact that his campaign actively engaged with their offers of help on multiple occasions.

MSNBC judicial analyst Matthew Miller noted in response to the report, "The president has not moved off the idea of firing Bob Mueller. It surfaces, it goes away for a little while, everyone tells him it won't work, and we all like to think, 'Oh, it's impossible.' Because as Graham said, it would be so cataclysmic it would bring the end of his presidency. The one person who hasn't let it go is Donald Trump."

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