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'Kicking Allies in the Teeth': Fox News' Shep Smith Goes Off Trump's Trudeau Feud—And Suggests We May 'Need a Northern Wall'

Smith ridiculed the president's completely unwarranted anger toward Canada.

Photo Credit: Fox News

President Donald Trump's anger toward Canada and its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is so bizarre and deeply irrational that Fox News Shep Smith quipped Monday that the president may soon double down on his famous love of border walls by building a barrier to the north.

"The United States and Canada are in a fight, obviously," Smith said. "President Trump accusing the country's prime minister of making false statements, and the president's trade adviser saying there's a special place in hell for the leader of Canada — our biggest trading partner in all the world, our best friend from way back in World War II, and every time in between. Canada! Maybe we need a northern wall."

Smith continued: "He's kicking allies in the teeth the whole time ... Go back to the call with the Australian leader. Go back to what happened with [British Prime Minister] Theresa May and [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel. It's not a new thing."

Smith's guest, David Hawkings of Roll Call, noted that this behavior puts Trump in a precarious position ahead of his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

"I think it's unclear whether if his objective — Mr. Trump's — is to get leverage on Kim Jong-un," he said. "I'm not sure it's going to work. I'm not sure if this doesn't say to Kim Jong-un: 'Now I've got the leverage because I'm the one who can hold it over Trump that he doesn't want two failed summits in a row.'"

Watch the clip below:

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