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Keith Olbermann Says Trump 'Hates the Puerto Ricans'

He believes the president is faking sympathy.

Photo Credit: GQ

GQ's The Resistance host Keith Olbermann believes President Donald Trump harbors a personal animus toward Puerto Ricans. 

“It is now clear, it is inarguable, it is inescapable, that he hates the Puerto Ricans,” he said in reference to Trump's disastrous visit and obvious disinterest in the region's humanitarian crisis.

Olbermann blames Trump's alleged prejudice on his upbringing in Queens combined with a lack of empathy.


He explained that some communities in the "outer boroughs" erroneously blamed the Puerto Rican community for problems in the city.

“That very specific, very regional, very intense prejudice and bigotry and hatred is what surrounded Donald Trump as a child,” Olbermann said.

Watch the full segment below.

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