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Keith Olbermann Says Don Jr. Helped Build Case Against President Trump

The president's son keeps lying.

Photo Credit: GQ

Special correspondent Keith Olbermann said on "The Resistance" broadcast for GQ that President Donald Trump's son Don Jr. may have inadvertantly helped special counsel Robert Mueller build the case against the president.

Don Jr. "all but convicted" his father with his Senate testimony, according to Olbermann, by openly admitting that he was offered documents from the Russian government and accepted them. Olbermann called the statement a "textbook" example of legal violation by conspiring with "emissaries of a foreign government." 

Plus, Don Jr. repeatedly gave public statements since the 2016 meeting that support the notion of a cover-up by the Trump administration.

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“Trump Jr lied, at least once, about why there was a meeting. He lied at least once about what the meeting was about. He lied about how many people were at the meeting. He lied about everything about the meeting," Olbermann said.

Mueller's investigation keeps getting easier.

Watch the full segment below.

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