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Justice Department Caves After Republicans Reportedly Threaten Rosentein With Impeachment

The department said it will be turning over James Comey's memos to congressional investigators.

Photo Credit: Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals

The Department of Justice will hand over former FBI Director James Comey's memos, currently in possession of special counsel Robert Mueller, to congressional investigators. according to multiple reports. This move comes after it was reported Wednesday that Republicans lawmakers threatened Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein with impeachment if he did not comply with their requests for documents.

Comey created several memos while serving as FBI director of his interactions with President Donald Trump. Comey shared some of these accounts, which record the president asking Comey for his loyalty and pressuring him to back off an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, with the media after he was fired by the Trump.

Mueller was appointed as special counsel shortly after the publication of the details of the memos.

Some Republicans have been attempting to undermine the special counsel's investigation into the president. in part by questioning the origin of the probe. They have sparred with the Justice Department over the release of key documents in the probe, including the Comey memos. And according to a Washington Post report Wednesday, allies of the president recently threatened Rosenstein with impeachment if he refused to hand over the requested materials.

"This cave by DOJ will have long-lasting ramifications," said MSNBC justice analyst Matthew Miller of the department's decision to comply. "This is an area governed solely by precedent, and DOJ is setting precedent that it is ok for Congress to interfere with, and receive documents pertaining to, active investigations."


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