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Jon Stewart Skewers GOP Leader Who Blocked His Own Bill: 'He Sat On His Own Balls'

The Senate sinks even lower in the eyes of the comedian.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart thought the Senate couldn’t go any lower than when they rejected an international treaty on disability rights modeled after U.S. law. But the Senate doesn’t disappoint, and it has sunk lower.

Stewart skewers Mitch McConnell’s filibuster of his own bill on the debt ceiling by doing a segment titled, “The Senate is so inept that sooner or later one of these guys is just going to sit on his own balls.”

Stewart first lays out the context for McConnell’s blunder. McConnell proposed a bill that he doesn’t support to try and “trap” the Democratic Party: a measure that would allow the president to unilaterally raise the “debt ceiling.” But the Democrats called his bluff, and wanted a vote on it, so McConnell then had to filibuster his own legislation.

“Let me put this in chess terms: McConnell walked up to the table and sat on his own balls,” said Stewart.

Watch the clip here, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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Mitch McConnell's Self-Filibuster
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