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WATCH: Jon Stewart Skewers Crazy Talk at the Annual NRA Convention

The host of the Daily Show takes on Sarah Palin and at the annual NRA convention this year and the state of Georgia for their "guns everywhere" law.

Daily Show Host Jon Stewart took aim, so to speak, at the fear-mongering wingnuts who spoke at this weekend's NRA convention. 

On Tuesday's edition of The Daily Show,  he demonstrated that gun-rights proponents speaking at the convention were a bit to quick to conflate national policy positions like Obamacare and school choice with gun rights. 

"Why are you talking about those kind of issues at a gun convention unless you think, somehow, that guns a part of the solution to these cultural disagreements," said Stewart. 

"Here the answer is always, ‘You need a gun.’ It’s a hilarious and incredibly misguided game, like tennis darts,” said Stewart. 

Stewart went on to skewer Georgia for passing the so-called "Guns Everywhere" law, which allows registered gun owners to bring weapons into churches, restaurants, nightclubs, and airports. But he noted: "One of the only places that the Georgia Legislature did not allow guns was the building where they worked." 

The Georgia law continues to ban weapons at the State Capitol. 

Watch the hilarious video below:


Cliff Weathers is a former senior editor at AlterNet and served as a deputy editor at Consumer Reports. Twitter @cliffweathers.


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