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Jon Stewart Rescues Two Goats Who Were Found Wandering Around on New York Subway Tracks

A pair of goats drew attention for wandering around near the subway trains in New York City. Jon Stewart is making sure they are taken care of.

Photo Credit: Air Force Tech. Sgt. Adam M. Stump

Legendary comedian Jon Stewart found himself in the news today for helping a pair of goats who themselves made headlines under extraordinary circumstances.

On Monday morning, the goats were spotted randomly wandering around on the New York City Subway tracks in Brooklyn. According to the New York Post, "Officers spent two hours trying to corral the billies between the Fort Hamilton Parkway and New Utrecht stops in Borough Park after someone bleated to 911 that the animals were on the loose around 10:30 a.m, police said."

The goats, who have been dubbed Billy and Willy, were reportedly wandering around a section of the N Line that was closed for the summer but came very close to venturing onto live tracks. Fortunately, they were captured and moved to safety by the MTA.

After their capture, Stewart "rescued the goats from Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn later Monday afternoon and transported them to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, in upstate New York," according to ABC7 NY.

Stewart's charity to these two goats is nothing new. Known as an animal welfare advocate, he has spent years using his 12-acre farm in New Jersey to shelter abused animals.

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