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John Oliver Has Never Seen a President as Glaringly Stupid as Donald Trump

The "Last Week Tonight" host sifts through the wreckage of James Comey's Senate testimony.

Photo Credit: Last Week Tonight / YouTube

America's “Stupid Watergate," as John Oliver calls it, sunk to new depths last Thursday when former FBI director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on his suspiciously timed firing by President Donald Trump. 

Trump's Russian collusion saga has, in many ways, "all the potential national shame of Watergate, brought to you by people too stupid to grasp the concept of shame,” the "Last Week Tonight" host opened Sunday. 

"The notion that Comey was fired because of the Russian investigation isn't actually new or controversial," Oliver observed. "It is easy to forget, but Trump himself suggested as much in an interview just a month ago."  

During his testimony, Comey handily rebuked Trump's claims that the FBI was in "disarray" and "poorly led."

"Those were lies, plain and simple," the former FBI director told the Senate Thursday. 

"Hold on there," quipped Oliver. "Because let's be honest here, Donald Trump's lies are never plain and simple. Each one is like an Everlasting Gobstopper; you'll never make it through every layer, because it was produced by an insane person who should never be in charge of anything." 

During his testimony, Comey also explained that it was President Trump's penchant for lying that led him to begin taking notes on their meetings after being tricked into an awkward one-on-one with the Donald.

"He describing his meeting with the president like a person who thought he was about to be murdered," the host quipped. 


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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