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James Comey Defends Against Trump's Attacks: 'He's Just Making Stuff Up'

Trump has accused the former FBI director of leaking classified information, but Comey fervently denies it.

Photo Credit: CNN

At a CNN town hall Wednesday night, former FBI Director James Comey defended himself against President Donald Trump's accusation that he has illegally leaked classified information. 

"Do you think there's any credence to the president's claim that you broke the law when you released your memos?" asked WIlliam and Mary senior Evelyn Lawhorn, referring to memos about his conservations with Trump that Comey gave to a friend after he was fired.

"I don't," he said. "I hope that won't surprise you. I don't. In fact, I think he's just making stuff up."

He continued: "I sent one memo, unclassified then, still unclassified, and it's recounted in my book, to my friend Dan Richman, asked him to get the substance of it, but not the memo, out to the media. Separately, I wrote a bunch of memos about my interactions with President Trump. And I was what was called an 'original classificaiton authority' at the FBI, meaning I had the training and authority to make decisions about what should be classified and what shouldn't. Some of those memos, I decided, should be classified — four others, I wrote them, and I was highly confident they should not be classified."

This is the bottom line, for Comey, about all his handling of this information: "I see no credible claim by any serious person that that violated the law."

Watch the clip below:

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