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James Clapper Believes Trump's Loose Threats Could End in Global Catastrophe

The former intelligence director dissects the president's "fire and fury" rhetoric on CNN.

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James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence who served under President Obama, said on CNN that President Trump needs to stop bloviating about North Korea. Clapper believes Trump's threats could lead to a global catastrophe. 

In a CNN appearance, Clapper tried to explain the volatility of the country's insular culture. "I was really taken aback by the level of the siege mentality and the paranoia that exists there," Clapper said of his 2014 visit to North Korea.

Clapper explained that America must be "pragmatic" about the fact that North Korea will not give up its nuclear capabilities and engage diplomatically.

"I’ve been an advocate for years now of opening—which right now is kind of hard to do—but an intersection in Pyongyang much like we had in Havana for decades, [another] government we didn’t recognize," Clapper said. "This is not a reward for bad behavior, but rather to have an in-residence diplomatic presence, a way of gaining greater insight and understanding in what’s going on in North Korea and perhaps most importantly, conveying information to North Korea.”

The former intelligence director also took a dig at Trump by calling the president's acceptance of U.S. intelligence "selective" based on how favorably he views the information. He then hit back at Trump's suggestion that Trump Tower was previously under surveillance.

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