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Ivanka Trump Probably Just Made a Fool of Herself with the President of South Korea

The president's daughter was inexplicably given a diplomatic task she wasn't qualified to execute.

Photo Credit: Reuters via YouTube

President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka reportedly "briefed" South Korean President Moon Jae-in on economic sanctions against North Korea.

The problem: Ivanka Trump doesn't even have a permanent security clearance. It's possible she improperly accessed information she shouldn't have had. But what's more likely is that she interrupted the South Korean president's day to give him useless information.

“It’s significant on many different levels,” MSNBC analyst Chris Lu said. “We are left now with the wholly unqualified presidential daughter providing a briefing to the president of one of our major allies about economic sanctions. So one of two things happened. Either she got access to classified information in order to do the briefing, which would be improper, or she simply gave President Moon a briefing that he probably could have read about in a newspaper, and that’s embarrassing.”

The United States doesn't currently have an ambassador to South Korea because Trump's nominee backed out over the president's threats to North Korea.

Watch the analysis of Ivanka's odd briefing below.

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