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Ivanka Trump Is Making Out Like a Bandit Under the Trump Administration

From Canada to China, the world is fast becoming the former model's runway.

Photo Credit: Tim Hanrahan‏ / Twitter

Despite the success of the "Grab Your Wallet" campaign, which caused Nordstrom to drop her clothing line, Ivanka's brand continues to grow. Just this week, we learned that she was awarded three trademarks in China—the same day she dined with President Xi Jinping. Since November, she has applied for at least nine more in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Canada and the United States

As brand consultant Allen Adamson described, the world has become the former model's runway.

"She has the ultimate showcase to fashion and show her merchandise, whether it's at the [Republican National] Convention... the White House... Mar-a-Lago," Adamson told the Associated Press.

Ivanka's business remains in a trust, but the first daughter must stay away from banking, trade and tax code matters.

"Sell off the assets... including the clothing import business," George W. Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter advised. "This would allow Ivanka Trump to get involved with trade negotiations with China. But if she keeps that clothing business, she can't do that."

As the Associated Press explained, "Owning a profitable business while in government is not illegal [but] making government decisions that benefit one's business is." 


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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