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'It Is a Big Deal': Former Watergate Special Counsel Tells CNN Why Cohen's Guilty Plea Is Bad News for Trump

The president's former lawyer knows a whole lot.

Photo Credit: CNN

Former Watergate special prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste appeared on CNN Tuesday afternoon with host Brooke Baldwin to discuss the implications of Michael Cohen's guilty plea on President Donald Trump.

"Of course, it is a big deal. This is a man who is very, very close to Donald Trump for any number of years," Ben-Viniste said. "He was the person to whom Trump turned normally when he got into hot water in one way or another."

The former prosecutor also highlighted Cohen's relationship to NDAs.

"We know with respect to his sexual adventures that Cohen was the guy he turned to toenter into nondisclosure agreements and various other things," he said. "And perhaps including things Russian. We may look to Michael Cohen to provide information. And there's no question in my mind but that it behooves him to cooperate once he has decided not to contest the charges against him, and to plead guilty."

Watch the segment below:

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