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Incoming NRA President Oliver North Makes Racist Claim That All Iranians Are Liars During Fox News Appearance

"[I]f their lips are moving, they are lying."

Photo Credit: Fox News Channel

From the May 9 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Colonel, you alerted me before we came on the air. I made some phone calls, top sources in Israel have confirmed that multiple rockets were fired at Israel within the last couple hours. And Israel has in fact -- they were fired from Syria, Israel has responded. No Israelis were injured, though, in the attack against them. This having to do with Israel's previous military attacks against Syria in recent weeks. Nothing to do with the Iranian deal, I was told, at a very high level. 

OLIVER NORTH: Yeah, well, look, never believe an Iranian because if their lips are moving, they are lying. 

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