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'I Really Regret' Voting for Him: Swing State Trump Supporters Turned Off After His 'Total BS' Russia Walk Back

The president's overtures to our adversary are becoming too much for these voters.

Photo Credit: CNN

Swing state Republican voters are showing some breaks in the ranks as President Donald Trump defiantly refuses to denounce Russian President Vladimir Putin and tries to recontextualize his rejection of U.S. intelligence community findings.

The New York Times profiled Trump voters who have soured on the president.

“You’re essentially putting Russia first,” Dallas Republican Chris Ford told the Times. “It’s hard to see how that’s putting America first.”

“We should stand our ground,” Jimmy Treece, a retired construction worker and Trump supporter in Pennsylvania, said. “There is clearly something wrong here.”

“The man is an embarrassment. I voted for him and will not again,” a voter calling into Wisconsin radio-show NewsTalk said.

Wisconsin Trump voter Pam Anderson told CNN his response to the Russia scandal is costing the president her vote in the reelection.

“I think he’s really mocking the whole system,” she said. “I had voted for Obama. This time around I went ahead and voted for Donald Trump. And I really regret that decision.”

In a parting shot, Anderson called Trump's attempt to explain his alleged misspeaking at the conference with Putin "total BS."

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