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'I Can't Take It Anymore': Conservative Max Boot Explains How 'Deplorable' Trump and His Fans Drove Him from the GOP

"He is a white nationalist president, and he has transformed the Republican party into his image."

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Conservative writer Max Boot on Friday slammed President Donald Trump's remarks at Thursday's campaign rally in Montana, explaining how the president's takeover of the Republican Party led him to support Democrats for the foreseeable future.

"This is just a sign of how deplorable Donald Trump truly is," Boot said on "CNN Newsroom" along with host Brooke Baldwin. "The fact that he spent this rally praising vicious dictators like Putin and his negotiations with Kim Jong-un, mocking Elizabeth Warren in racist terms, mocking Maxine Waters, I would say, in racist terms, attacking the free press, attacking his own justice department, attacking these American war heroes. The only thing that's more disgusting in all of this is the fact that all these people in the audience were applauding ... they were laughing. They thought it was a hoot." 

He continued: "The fact that 90 percent of Republicans approve of this presidency, of this kind of behavior, that's why I'm not a Republican anymore after a lifetime in the GOP. I just — I can't take it! It's — to me, it's just reprehensible." 

Baldwin noted that, in a recent article, Boot even said that he hopes Democrats can take over the government.

"Well, the point that I made in the article is that Donald Trump is not a conservative president. He is a white nationalist president, and he has transformed the Republican Party into his image," Boot said.

Watch the clip below:

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