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'I Am Starting to Regret Sitting Here': Sarah Sanders Embarrasses Herself in Ridiculous Interview on CNN

She still refused to answer questions about her own conduct.

Photo Credit: CNN

There's absolutely no reason to take what White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says at face value, given how often she has misled or blatantly lied to the public about important matters.

But CNN's Chris Cuomo did his best to give her the opportunity to set the record straight on one matter Wednesday night: Why did she say President Donald Trump didn't dictate his son's statement about a shady meeting held with Russians at Trump Tower during the campaign, since we now know that Trump did dictate the statement?

Even as he gave her multiple opportunities to set the record straight, though she kept delivering the same, robotic non-answer that she's given multiple times in the White House briefing room.

"This is a legal matter, and the appropriate people to answer questions on a legal matter are the outside counsel," she said. "And frankly, I did direct you to them, and you had them here on your set and you asked them that question, and I'd refer you back to that statement."

"Why is it a legal matter what you said?" Cuomo asked, only to hear almost the exact same response come from her mouth.

Cuomo asked the questions in various ways and from a variety of angles, but she kept coming back to the same non-answer.

Sanders could either admit that she was misled about the president's actions and inadvertently spread a falsehood, or she could admit that she knowingly lied to the American people. She chose, instead, to stone wall.

"You did initially answer [the question]," Cuomo said after his many attempts to elicit a real response. "Do you regret that?"

"No," said Sanders. "But I'm starting to regret sitting here because I'm answering the same question I've answered a million times."

"I wanted to give you a lot of chances at it because I think it matters, because I think it hurts your credibility," Cuomo said.

Watch the clip below:

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Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.