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How Right-Wing Media Tricked Republicans into Fearing a Group that Doesn't Even Exist

Stephen Colbert ridicules Republicans for believing Hagel had ties to nonexistent "Friends of Hamas" group

On his show last night, Stephen Colbert ridiculed Republican lawmakers for believing conspiracy theories about Defense Secretary Nominee Chuck Hagel. Last week, reported Hagel’s connection to “friends of Hamas,” a group “so sinister that it doesn’t even exist.”

Despite the group's non-existent nature, members of the conservative media and Republican lawmakers quickly caught the paranoia fever. Colbert laid out how “friends of Hamas” surfaced as a mainstream talking point, playing clips of Fox anchors and Senator Rand Paul expressing concerns of Hagel’s apparent terrorist ties.  

Colbert meditated on the right’s credulity when it comes to defeating Hagel, pondering what other scary, non-existent groups the former GOP Senator supports.

“Is he a member of the Al Qaeda Kidz Club?" Colbert asked. “Or the Muslim Sisterhood of Travelling Pants?”

Besides offering us a joke for the ages, the “friends of Hamas” mess also revealed the ugly lengths that conservatives will go to hurt the president. Colbert ended his bit on this piece of wisdom:

"President Obama, you must withdraw the nomination of Chuck Hagel, or you will lose the support of every moderate Republican — another group that doesn't exist."


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