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How Can Atheists Also Rationally Call Themselves Republicans?

CJ Werleman's new book proves that simply being an atheist does not make one smart or educated about politics.

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It is no secret that the Republican Party is dominated by America's theocratics. This wing of the GOP always seems to vote the Bible first and ignore not only their constituents but also scientific evidence and all reason.

With this domineering ideology, how do outspoken atheists like S.E. Cupp also identify as Republicans?

For that matter, how does any atheist identify as Republican? When evidence-based thinking leads someone to atheism, how do they then join a party known for ignoring scientific fact and evidence?

This is the question CJ Werleman poses in his new book Atheists Can’t Be Republicans, If Facts and Evidence Matter.

Werleman takes a close look at the politics of the Republican Party and its right-wing Tea Party and libertarian cohorts. If atheists profess to care about facts and evidence, how did they end up identifying with the anti-science party?

Consider climate change. Climate change denial is the official policy of the GOP. They ignore virtually all science on the matter and focus on making big business happy by opposing any legislation that would undermine the fossil fuel industry and force polluters to clean up their factories and be responsible for their emissions.

That's just part of their war on science. Around the nation, GOP legislators are putting forward bills to end evidence-based science education in public schools. Some are even fighting to defund public schools and funnel those funds to private charter schools.

How in the world do atheists support the party that sees evolution as a liberal conspiracy to erase God?

In Atheists Can’t Be Republicans, Werleman pulls no punches. He unleashes on atheists who identify so poorly with the facts and uses strong data from scientists and economists to prove that simply being an atheist does not make one smart or politically astute.

As Werleman has done with religious texts and politics in his previous books, he takes the entire Republican platform and makes a fool of it. Not even the corpse of Ronald Reagan is safe.

Not only does Werleman prove you cannot be an atheist and a modern Republican, he proves you cannot be moral and be a Republican. And it is probably safe to say that S.E. Cupp’s therapist is going to make a lot of money off this book.

This is a book that all atheists should read. Not only does it make a strong case for evidence based politics, but it is a reminder that while atheism provides a strong community for non-believers, we cannot assume all atheists are brilliant free thinkers who care about humanism as a moral platform.

Even atheists need to be reminded that certain political parties are ready to exploit the poor and undereducated to make the largest profit by any means necessary.

Dan Arel is the author of Parenting Without God and blogs at Danthropology. Follow him on Twitter @danarel.
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