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House Republicans Don't Want to Talk About the Funding for Trump's Creepy Military Parade

As many children in America go to bed hungry, the president wants to throw a parade to boost his fragile ego.

Photo Credit: NBC News

Donald Trump wants a military parade to make himself feel big and manly, and House Republicans are prepared to give him what he wants:

The display in Washington would be authorized under the Republican-proposed draft for the annual defense policy measure, according to a bill summary released Friday. The measure is scheduled to be taken up by the House Armed Services Committee on May 9.

Yay! Trump’s pretensions to dictatorship are poised to come to life! One small issue, though:

A committee Republican spokesman said Friday that specific funding for the parade isn’t set in the legislation.

Eh, funding is never a problem when it comes to Republican priorities. But you can bet that at the same time as the money for Trump’s ego parade is magically appearing, Republicans will be yowling about how America can’t afford to keep its children fed.

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