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High School Teacher Who Escaped Nazis As A Child Explains the Eerie Similarities with Trump's Internment Camps

"Do I have to tell you how traumatizing and damaging this is for a child?"

Photo Credit: Washington Post (via YouTube)

Peter Drew, a former high school social studies teacher in New York, released a lengthy statement explaining the similarities between his experience escaping the Nazis as children currently victimized by the current child internment policy under President Donald Trump.

"I spent four years in an orphanage after arriving as a refugee from Nazi Germany. The Nazis had taken everything. We arrived penniless," he writes. "My father died and my mother had to work as a maid for a family that refused to take a child into the household. I was first placed in a 'shelter' and then in an orphanage with many children displaced by the war. All lonely, scared and wanting their parents."

"Do I have to tell you how traumatizing and damaging this is for a child? You will understand, perhaps that I spent many years in therapy," he continued, calling Trump officials enacting the current inhumane immigration policies "clueless" and a "Hitler gang."

"You need to resist the travesties of this Administration with every fiber in your body," Drew wrote.

Read the full statement below.

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