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Here's Why John Kelly Reportedly Said Trump Is Becoming 'Unhinged'

Multiple reports Monday paint a picture of an unraveling relationship between the president and his chief of staff.

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Shortly after NBC News reported that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly had called President Donald Trump an "idiot" multiple times in recent months, CNN's Jim Acosta and Jeremy Diamond followed up with news that Kelly has reportedly told colleagues he believes Trump is becoming "unhinged."

It's a frightening way from a chief of staff to be describing the most powerful person in the world, but Acosta reports that Kelly's disparaging assessment came after Trump made comments that many in the country found jarring.

"My colleague Jeremy Diamond has made these comments in reference to a couple of things," Acosta told Wolf Blitzer on CNN Monday. "One being after the president said he wanted to start pulling U.S. troops out of Syria, my colleague Jeremy Diamond hearing from a senior administration official, that after that discussion took place, the chief of staff believed the president was becoming unhinged."

Many observers noted at the time that the president's remarks were extremely bizarre given what was publicly known about U.S. policy in Syria.

Acosta added: "I talked to an administration official earlier today who said the president was the target of some 'salty language' by John Kelly after the two men clashed over who would replace John Kelly at Homeland Security."

Kelly also reportedly talked to Trump about some of these reports Monday and denied that he called the president an "idiot." Acosta also noted that Kelly has publicly joked that God was punishing him for something by forcing him to work at the White House.

Watch the clip of Acosta's reporting below:

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