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Here's What Jared Kushner's Harvard Class Had to Say About Him in Its 15th Anniversary Report

Spoiler alert: the comments aren't flattering.

Photo Credit: a katz / Shutterstock

Jared Kushner’s Harvard Class of ‘03 recently issued its 15th anniversary Report, kinda of a who’s who of who’s climbing which corporate ladder and who’s selling out their country to the highest bidder, I suppose.

Jared declined to contribute himself but three of his classmates had some interesting things to say about Mr. Most likely to commit treason.

First, from someone who’s name also starts with K…


...opened with a Nazi...ouch.

My personal favorite, obviously from the class snark-meister….


Another opted for poetry:


Thanks for sharing those, Ben, nice to know Jared is as loved in his class as he is with the rest of us.

My copy must have gotten lost in the mail.



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