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Headscratcher: Gay Couple Banned from Dancing to Country Music Together, But Hip-Hop Is Okay

Management at Texas club allegedly said two men dancing posed a safety risk for the country music nightclub.

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A Southern Texas club, Cactus Canyon, has come under fire for allegedly kicking out a gay couple for dancing to country music instead of grinding to hip-hop or rap, Raw Story reported.

21-year-old Justice Meyer and his boyfriend, 30-year-old James Douglas, were dancing to the song, “Cowboys and Angels” when they were told that it was against policy for two men to dance together on the grounds that it posed a safety risk.

Angered, Meyer asked the staff why it was not okay for him to dance with this boyfriend while other girls were dancing together?


Management allegedly responded telling Meyer that he could dance with his boyfriend during hip-hop but country songs were off limits for gay people.

Meyer then asked the manager, “So you’re telling me it’s okay for me to bump and grind on my boyfriend to the song ‘Bubble Butt’ but we can’t dance a two-step?” according to Victoria Advocate.

After the couple was told to leave, Meyer asked to see the club's policy.  His request was denied.  The couple later discovered that the club had no such policy and have now questioned whether the club was unfairly discriminating against them for being gay.

However, Cactus Canyon Director of Operations Robert Dillender denied the allegations and said that the couple was kicked out because they were being disruptive.

“We’ve never kicked anyone out of the club for dancing.  Our obligation to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is to maintain the peace,” he said.

Still Meyer refuted such accusations:

“I don’t like that we were lied to,” he remarked. “The confrontation never would have happened if they hadn’t lied about the policy.”

The couple was issued a no-trespassing warning.

Subsequently, the American Civil Liberties of Union of Texas Director Tom Hargis said the organization planned to reach out to the couple after the story caught his attention.  

"We encourage all people to stand up for their individual rights," Hargis said.

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Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.