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'He Profited from that Violence': CNN's Anderson Cooper Exposes NRA President Oliver North's Blatant Hypocrisy

North criticized a "culture of violence," but he left one thing out.

As the National Rifle Association continues its campaign against calls for stronger gun safety legislation in the United States, the organization's new president, Oliver North, called out a supposed "culture of violence" in the United States as the reason for heightened levels of gun violence. But, as CNN's Anderson Cooper pointed out Tuesday night, he left out a key part of the discussion. 

Discussing a clip of North's comments in which he blamed movies and TV for male violence, Cooper noted, "You may have noticed that he didn't mention the usual suspect when this argument comes up, which is video games. Both Republicans and Democrats have at times wondered if all the violent video games are having some effect on young minds. President [Donald] Trump brought it up after the Parkland shooting, so why do you think Oliver North made no mention of violent video games?"

That question was rhetorical — Cooper has an answer. 

"Oliver North was a consultant on what was considered one of the most violent and popular games out there, Call of Duty," Cooper said. "Not only was he a consultant, he appeared in a video hyping the version of the game on which he consulted." North even appeared as a character in the game.

Cooper said he doesn't take a side on whether video games are harmful, but he concluded: "If [North] is so concerned about violence in TV and movies, he might want to admit he profited from that violence."

Watch the clip below:

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Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.