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HBO's Bill Maher Explains Why Donald Trump Is Uniquely Dangerous

Maher said that Trump makes him think differently about previous presidents.

Photo Credit: HBO

On the Friday's episode of HBO's "Real Time," Bill Maher succinctly explained why President Donald Trump is a uniquely dangerous commander in chief who merits strong opposition.

One of Maher's guests, the psychologist and writer Jordan Peterson, asked whether the other panelists were worried that opposition to Trump might pull the country apart.

"If he was just a regular Republican president with Republican policies, I'd say you have a point," Maher said. "But what is so alarming is the assault on democratic norms."

He continued: "Things like: threatening to put people in jail, threatening to put journalists in jail. Wanting military parades. Praising dictators. Wanting to be a dictator. ... I try to impress this upon the people who are too young to remember a lot of presidents and a lot of elections how incredibly different this is from anything that came before."

"I never much liked the other Republicans who were in office," Maher concluded, "but I have a renewed respect them. George Bush and Mitt Romney would not have tried to pull this s**t."

Watch the clip below:

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