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'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' Star Says Trump Isn't Welcome to Attend Award-Winning Broadway Show

“Anybody else, yes.”

Photo Credit: Variety

Noma Dumezweni, who stars as Hermione Granger in the live production of 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' on Broadway, made it clear that one high-profile public figure is not welcome.

“No,” Dumezweni succinctly answered when asked if President Donald Trump should attend the show. “Anybody else, yes.”

Fans of the franchise have routinely compared the U.S. president to Lord Voldemort, the character who represents the epitome of darkness in the Harry Potter universe.

The stage show avoids overt contemporary political references but wrestles with ideas of morality, rights and cultural upheaval.

“I really do believe that’s why it’s resonating at the moment,” Dumezweni said on the Tony Awards' red carpet. “We, all as human beings, are fighting to be connected. If you’re not seen and not heard, that’s where dangerous stuff happens. That’s where people under the radar do very cruel things.”

'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' won Best Play, the top award for non-musicals, at the 72nd Tony Awards ceremony on Sunday.

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