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GOP Texas Lt. Governor: 'CNN, MSNBC' And Democrats 'Are All Accomplices' in Mollie Tibbetts' Death

The Fox News guest even took shots at the network hosting him.

Photo Credit: Fox News Channel

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R) gave a strange Thursday morning interview on Fox News that found him blaming Democrats and the news media for Mollie Tibbetts' murder.

"On the left, it’s pure politics. They’re playing with people’s lives," Patrick said. "Again, American citizens and people who legitimately want to come here aren’t criminals. They’re playing with their lives for politics."

It wasn't immediately clear what Patrick was referencing, but his rant got even weirder as he launched an attack on the press for Tibbetts' death and "everyone" else's deaths.


"You know, again, the CNN, MSNBC, most of the print media, and Democrats are all accomplices in the death of this young girl and the death of everyone else," he said.

Then he went after Fox News, saying “even Geraldo Rivera" was complicit before adding, “I’ve never met the guy. Seems like he has a good heart."

Watch the strange meltdown below.

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