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GOP Strategist Explains Why Gary Cohn's Exit from Trump Administration Is So Scary

He compared the president to the protagonist in 'Home Alone.'

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GOP strategist Mike Murphy on Tuesday issued a stark warning to fellow Republicans, explaining the latest announcement that Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn is resigning shows the president “is running amok.”

Murphy was speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon and HBO’s “The Circus” executive producer Mark McKinnon after another whirlwind news day culminated in reports porn star “Stormy Daniels" is suing Donald Trump over a hush agreement she alleges he never signed.

Lemon asked Murphy what he thinks about Daniels. “Her work, or—?” Murphy joked.

“First of all, I think the president should have come up with a better phony porn name when he paid her off than ‘David Dennison,’” Murphy suggested (Trump was named in Daniels’ lawsuit under the alias ‘David Dennison’). “He should have been ‘Orange Olsen’ or something a little more creative.”

“When you run a reality show presidency, you get into these kinds of things,” Murphy said, adding he believes Trump faces “bigger problems” than Daniels’ lawsuit—including the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Another big brick falls every day,” Murphy said of Mueller’s investigation. Asked by McKinnon what the “two [best and worst] possible scenarios” are for Trump, Murphy explained the worst case scenario would be if Mueller is able to connect “financial favors to the family from overseas and maybe even money moving into the campaign.” Murphy said such a connection could be “criminal and catastrophic” to the president.

“It’s not rocket science to wonder why [Trump] has never released his tax returns,” Murphy said. “He’s been incredibly defensive about his personal financial stuff and that usually doesn’t happen without motive.”

Murphy said another problem Trump faces is his hasty decision to levy tariffs on imported aluminum and steel—a move that reportedly prompted Cohn to resign as his economic adviser.

“What a lot of the Trump supporters tell people like me who have been Trump critics in the Republican Party is, ‘Look, the tweets are all crazy just ignore them … don’t worry about the crazy tweets,'” Murphy said.

“The guy writing the crazy tweets is the guy forcing policy to his entire White House,” he continued. “None of his economic grown-ups are for this.”

“Trump is running amok, it’s ‘Home Alone,’” Murphy surmised.

Turning to Trump’s press conference with the Swedish prime minister Tuesday, Murphy suggested the president “looks like he just left the kind of meetings I’ve been to with Republican pollsters.”

“They’re all looking at the floor and sitting with the desk and nothing in front of them but a bottle of whiskey and a revolver,” Murphy explained. “It is dire, internally, in the polling right now.”

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