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GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Badgers Peter Strzok over Russia Investigation — Drawing Howls of Protest from Other Lawmakers

"May the witness be permitted to answer?"

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) elicited cries of protests from his fellow lawmakers as he repeatedly badgered FBI agent Peter Strzok Thursday.

From his line of questioning, Jordan clearly was more frustrated with the FBI than Strzok specifically. Jordan was focusing on how the FBI obtained copies of the famous Steel dossier, which describes years of collusion between President Donald Trump's associates and Russia, but Strzok was not allowed to speak specifically about the ongoing investigation.

At one point, referring to one email communication, Jordan asked, "Did you talk about the investigation we're focusing on here, agent Strzok?"

"My direction from the FBI —" Strzok started to say.

But Jordan cut him off: "Got it."

Eventually, Jordan's aggressive questioning drove his colleagues to protest.

"This is the frustration that every single member of this committee feels, when agent Strzok won't answer fundamental questions won't tell me who they are," Jordan said, referencing the identities of people in an email. "That's as frustrating as it could get. I yield back."

"It is as frustrating to me as it is to you," Strzok responded. "I can tell you sir, I would love —"

"You know what," Jordan said, interrupting him again even though he had yielded his time.

"Mr. Chairman, may the witness be permitted to answer?!" one lawmaker shouted out in disgust.

"If it is so frustrating," Jordan continued, "answer the question. 

"If you allow him to, I am sure he will," another lawmaker responded.

"He never answered the question!" Jordan said.

"Stop interrupting him," said Jordan's colleague, and another added to the chairman: "Instruct the gentleman from Ohio to stop badgering."

Watch the fiery exchange below:


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Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.