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The GOP 'No Longer Deserves to Survive': Joe Scarborough Torches Republicans' Fawning Devotion to 'Blubbering' Trump

The MSNBC host officially left the Republican Party last year.

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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough wrote a fiery screed Thursday for the WashingtonPost against the Republican Party and it's subservience to President Donald Trump

Scarborough, a former GOP congressman who officially left the party last year, excoriated the president's base of support for continuing to back Trump even as he obliges Russian President Vladimir Putin's every whim.

He writes: 

Are today’s Republicans now so tribal as to blindly endorse a foreign policy warped by President Trump’s obvious allegiance to a former KGB chief who controls Russia through repression, bribery and political assassination and who has called the collapse of that evil empire the 'greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century?


How can any red-blooded Republican not be repulsed by their commander in chief’s blubbering belief that a former Soviet spy’s cynical lies were as compelling as the clear and convincing evidence presented by the U.S. military community, the CIA and his own director of national intelligence? 

He continued: "If anything can still be shocking three years into Trump’s chaotic political career, it may be that 71 percent of Republicans still support his handling of Russian relations, even after a summit that many considered treasonous."

This, of course, is the fundamental puzzle to be solved in modern American politics. Even as the president infuriates and alienates most of the country, a large enough portion of his base continues to support him that he remains unchecked.

"If he were still alive, my rock-ribbed Republican father would be asking who these 71 percent were, and why they were selling out America’s national security in the name of a hapless reality TV host," writes Scarborough. "But there is no good answer to that question."

Unfortunately, Scarborough's conclusion leaves a lot to be desired. He declares that the Republican Party "no longer deserves to survive," but that's no solution. The Republican Party, such as it is, isn't the problem as much as the party's voters. It's voters — Scarborough's fellow Americans — that he is frustrated with, not the party itself.

The Republican Party will turn against Trump as soon as it becomes convenient. But that will only happen when the spell Trump holds over a certain portion of the electorate is broken.

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Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.