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This GOP Lawmaker Spent Millions on a Luxury Yacht Just as He Was Voting for the Massive Republican Tax Cut

Maybe he thought nobody would notice.

Photo Credit: ABC Action News (YouTube screencap)

In a move straight out of a cartoonish caricature of a Republican Lawmaker, Rep. Vernon Buchanan (R-FL) bought a luxury yacht on the exact same day that he voted for the GOP tax bill in November 2017, a new disclosure first reported by Florida Politics revealed.

Buchanan spent between $1 million and $5 million on the boat, according to the documents. The Hill reports that the company that sells the yacht, Ocean Alexander, doesn't sell anything for less than $3.25 million.

The brazen purchase reveals the stark contrast between the sales pitch Republicans gave for the tax bill and reality.

"While the tax plan was pitched as helping the middle class, it does so only minimally and temporarily if at all. For the nation’s highest earners and for corporations, however, it was a magnanimous change in policy," wrote Drew Wilson for Florida Politics. "Count Buchanan among those benefitting bigly."

Maybe he just thought nobody would notice?

A spokesman for the lawmaker told Florida Politics that the news of the yacht — which, again, was revealed in a financial disclosure form filed by the candidate himself — was a "coordinated attack."

The spokesman also noted that Buchanan has owed boats for decades. It's not clear if his constituents should find it comforting that the tax bill doesn't seem to have inspired him to buy his first yacht, but just one more of many.

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