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George Zimmerman: Armed and Stopped for Speeding in Texas Is Allowed to Keep His Gun

Trayvon Martin's killer always seems to be packing.

Here's a fun bit of "Where Are They Now?" trivia. Acquitted killer George Zimmerman was stopped for speeding recently in Forney, Texas, marking one of his first public sightings since the jury's controversial descision letting him go free in the highly publicized trial for the death of unarmed Trayvon Martin. After telling the officer that he was carrying a gun (which, to Zimmerman, is apparently like a wallet or a flirty tote bag—something you never leave the house without), he reportedly asked if the officer recognized him, which the officer did not (possibly a testament to the fact that Zimmerman's face has a tendency to look different in every single photograph). This comes just a week after Zimmerman reportedly pulled a couple from an overturned SUV less than a mile from where Trayvon Martin was killed. Aside from these two sightings, the controversial figure has kept a low profile in the weeks since the verdict.

Obviously, the Texas cop had no great concern about Zimmerman packing in his glove compartment. Nor does the group of gun enthusiasts who immediately raised $12,000 to make sure he could afford to buy a new gun. Let's hope the vigilante does not run into any hoodie wearing black teenagers as he speeds across the nation.


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Rod Bastanmehr is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @rodb.