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Fox News' Shep Smith Delivers Brutal Fact-Check of Sarah Sanders' Lie-Filled Presser: 'Say One Thing, Change It Later'

The unimpressed host set the record straight as the press secretary left the podium.

Photo Credit: Fox News Channel

Fox News' Shephard Smith criticized the White House after press secretary Sarah Sanders tried to reframe comments from President Donald Trump claiming Russia wasn't trying to interfere in our current election cycle.

"Well, there you have it: backing up and trying again," an unimpressed Smith said as Sanders left the podium. Smith continued to set the record straight about Russia.

"The director of national intelligence Dan Coates said the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack and one of the worst offenders is Russia," Smith explained. "Dan Coates who served in the military, former senator, former representative in Congress—a man who told Obama you must sanction Russians because of their invasion and takeover in Crimea - you must."

Smith also criticized Trump for trying to "change the meaning" of his own words at the press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin "about 27 hours, half a dozen tweets and two interviews after that statement."

"He said both sides were to blame. He said there could be other hackers and interferers in the election. He said Putin was very 'strong and powerful' in his denial," Smith continued. "Again, part of a pattern: say one thing, change it later — sort of."

Watch the full clip below:

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