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Fox News Pokes Fun at Roy Moore for Quoting Bible While Refusing to Concede Election He Clearly Lost

“There are other Bible versus that say, ‘It’s over.’”

Photo Credit: Fox News

Fox News called the Alabama special election for Senate candidate Doug Jones before NBC did. But one individual is still not sure who won last night: Republican candidate and accused sexual predator Roy Moore.

Fox News hosts Shannon Bream and Bret Baier discussed Moore's refusal to concede, in which he cited uncounted numerically insignificant military ballots.

"[W]e and just about every outlet there has called this race for Doug Jones," Bream said, as she explained why Moore was refusing to concede.

Moore told the gathered audience he was “waiting patiently for the lord" and quoted Psalms, despite the fact that every major news organization had already called the election.

“There are other Bible verses that say, ‘It’s over,’” Baier said, to chuckles from Bream. 

Watch the segment below.

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