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Fox News' Laura Ingraham Is Being Sued for Allegedly Discriminating Against a Former Employee

It's bad news for Ingraham, who recently faced an advertiser boycott.

Photo Credit: Fox News

A former employee of Fox News' Laura Ingraham is suing the host for workplace discrimination, saying she was treated unfairly and wrongly terminated because she was pregnant.

Karolina Wilson, who worked as Ingraham's personal assistant, told her story to the Washington Post.

She says that she loved her job at Fox News, but Ingraham's behavior toward changed when Wilson got pregnant. 

According to the account she gave to the post, Wilson felt Ingraham's attitude toward her became "hostile" after she was pregnant. And as soon as Wilson returned from maternity leave, she says she was fired. Wilson says she was given three more weeks at the company, but during that time, she wasn't given any private space to use her breast pump.

Wilson says the treatment violated Washington, D.C.'s Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and its Family and Medical Leave Act. An attorney for Ingraham denies Wilson's claims.

In recent weeks, Ingraham faced an advertiser boycott after she mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg for getting rejected from a few colleges.


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