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Fox News Judicial Analyst Blows Up Right-Wing Claim Mueller Should Investigate Hillary Clinton for Colluding with Russia

He wasn't buying into the conservative propaganda line.

Photo Credit: Fox News Channel

Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano explained during a Fox News discussion on Monday that President Donald Trump is in serious trouble with special prosecutor Robert Mueller but Hillary Clinton can breathe easy.

Napolitano cleared up a common right-wing misstatement that "collusion is not a crime."

"The legal term is conspiracy," he said. "Conspiracy doesn't require Trump to work with the Russians, but merely to make "an agreement." In other words, collusion is a crime, it just doesn't go by that name.

When one of the off-camera hosts jumped in to try to turn the conversation to the Democrats, Napolitano shot it down.

"Except he's not investigating that," Napolitano responded before returning to his point.

"The crime, if there were a crime, is receiving anything of value from a foreign person, entity or government," he said.

Napolitano explained conspiracy is a "prosecutor's favorite" crime because it's "easy" to prove.

"The president is also worried about his son," Napolitano said before suggesting the younger Trump perjured himself.

Watch the segment below.

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