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Fox News' Jeanine Pirro Makes Joke of Trump's Racist 'Sh*thole' Comment at Mar-A-Lago

The former judge is known for her bigoted conservative commentary.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Clough via Twitter

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Thursday invoked Donald Trump’s racist language to describe the president’s private Mar-A-Lago resort, telling attendees of the Trumpettes’ “Red, White and Blue” celebration, “[Mar-A-Lago] sure ain’t no shithole!”

The Trumpettes—a group of the president’s female supporters—threw the event Thursday to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. Saturday, the president plans to host a $100,000-per-couple party at Mar-A-Lago—despite the possibility that the government will shut down on midnight Friday.

As the Washington Examiner reports, the Trumpettes were started in 2015 by four wealthy women who just really like Donald Trump. Around 800 people attended their “Red, White and Blue” party, which cost $300 per person.

Pirro was asked to speak at the event.

“Welcome to Mar-a-Lago,” she said, according to the Palm Beach Post. “A magnificent place. It sure ain’t no sh*thole!”

Pirro’s comments, of course, recall the president’s inflammatory and racist rhetoric describing immigrants from Haiti and African countries. Those comments set off a firestorm in Washington D.C., and played a major role in Democrats’ reluctance to engage the White House on passing a spending bill without immigration reform included.

Despite Pirro’s full-throated endorsement of “magnificent” Mar-A-Lago, the Palm Beach Post reports the president’s exclusive club required emergency repairs in November after it failed a Florida health inspection (in part due to food safety violations).

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