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Fox News' Jeanine Pirro Literally Stalks Around New York Woods 'Looking' for Hillary Clinton

Her obsession with the former secretary of state is becoming creepy.

Photo Credit: Jeanine Pirro via Twitter

No one would accuse Fox News host and former judge Jeanine Pirro of being a serious journalist. But her new promo manages to reach a new low of conservative grandstanding.

A Twitter video from Pirro shows the host in the woods in upstate New York where a hiker famously snapped a pic with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Here I am in front of the woods in Chappaqua, looking for Hillary!” Pirro says. “Do you think I’ll find her?” 

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Given Pirro's recent history with the law, one might suggest she find a hobby that doesn't involve stalking former officials in the woods.