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Fox News Has a Homophobic New Conspiracy Theory This Holiday Season

Conservatives are gearing up for the war-on-Christmas battle cry.

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In 2015, the “Oh, no, there’s a war on Christmas” crowd was upset with Starbucks for having a plain red holiday cup. Because apparently this is a thing adults care about. In 2017, the issue is whether Starbucks’ very holiday-themed cup has lesbian hands on it.

The hands are a frickin’ line drawing, yet somehow people have decided the line drawing requires gender and sexuality, and while the Fox News headline currently says, “Starbucks holiday cup causes social media buzz over mystery hands,” the URL says “Starbucks holiday cups accused of pushing gay agenda.”

Starbucks did announce the cups with a video that included, among other things, a lesbian couple, but they are not wearing the same clothes as the hands on the cups. And while, "I can attest to the lesbianism of The Hands," my gay BuzzFeed colleague said upon careful inspection, at least one lesbian disagrees, proclaiming “those are clearly man hands,” although “gay, no matter what.”

The good news is, while at least one person on Twitter is quoting Bible verses about “shameful lust,” even Fox News seems to have found more tweets celebrating the cup than bemoaning it. But here in 2017, can’t we let androgynous line-drawing hands keep their preferred pronouns to themselves?

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