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Fox News' Ari Fleischer Says Trump Spoke 'from the Heart' When He Sided with Putin

He also called the president's behavior a danger to "national security."

Photo Credit: Fox News Channel

Former George W. Bush White House press secretary and current Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer came out against President Donald Trump's alignment with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the strongest terms on Tuesday.

Shortly after Trump lied about his remarks in a partial walk-back, Fleischer explained why it meant nothing.

“It’s a partial crawl back under pressure and that’s the problem with it. The other problem is that what the president said yesterday was live, spontaneous and from the heart," Fleischer said.

“His rhetoric yesterday has really hurt his cause,” he continued.

“There is a substantive thing here, also in that is what will Vladimir Putin do here next?” Fleischer asked. “Here is Donald Trump saying he didn’t interfere and ‘I accept your explanation,’ and to the budding democracies of Eastern Europe … he thinks he can meddle. And that’s dangerous for national security.”

Watch the full clip below.

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