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Former RNC Chair Literally Laughs When Asked If Republicans Will Stand Up to Trump on Trade War

The answer is too obvious to pretend otherwise.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele erupted in laughter when asked if Republican leaders will intervene to stop President Donald Trump’s trade war with China during a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily.

“But Michael, back to the tariff issue, when does Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell roar?” Todd asked.

Steele boisterously laughed, managing to reply “you are funny” to the anchor. “Come on, Chuck, how do we get this far down the road and not have them say something.”

“This was not sprung on us the last 24 hours, so where is the leadership?” Steele wondered. “Where are the ideals and principles that free-market conservatives and Republicans have advocated for generations?”

“You expect to hear that from the leadership,” Steele noted. “And then go down to the White House and say, ‘Are you nuts? Do you know what this will do?'”

Watch below.

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