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Former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert Legally Banned from Being Alone with Minors

A federal judge issued the order without explanation.

Photo Credit: U.S. House of Representatives

Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was released from prison in July after serving 15 months for his role in covering up child molestation accusations. Now a judge has decided Hastert can never be alone with children.

Hastert is accused of molesting four teenage boys while he was a wrestling coach in an Illinois high school. He was never charged for those allegations, but pleaded guilty to using illegal cash withdrawals to pay hush money to an accuser.

"What I did was wrong and I regret it," Hastert said at his sentencing hearing in that case. "They looked up to me and I took advantage of them."

A federal judge imposed the new restrictions on Hastert without explanation on Wednesday.

"You shall not have contact with any person under the age of 18, except in the presence of a responsible adult who is aware of the nature of his/her background and current offense, and who has been approved by the probation officer and treatment provider," the judge ordered amid other restrictions.


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